Products & Services

 Our satisfied customers are a diverse group: contractors, builders, municipal/public works, landscapers, homeowners, and other supply houses who value us as a resource for material and ideas that accomplish the job at hand.

Solutions plus Service. The Foreman Company supplies the material you need for projects like watermain and sewer installation and repairs, fire protection, fire hydrant maintenance/replacement, flanged in-plant systems, backflow prevention, underground site work, valves of all types for water and sewer, drainage and culverts, and much more. Services: Pressure Connections, Linestops, Valve Insertions, Drill & Direct Services

Foreman Co. provides delivery, installation of material, and completion of labor for a Pressure Connection (aka "hot tap"), Linestop, or Valve Insertion. You simply expose the pipe and set the trench box, and our Foreman Co. in-house experts will safely and professionally do the rest. One price for the whole package. Simply put, Foreman Co. is the best!



  • Ductile Iron pipe and fittings with Flanged, Mechanical Joint, and Push connections
  • PVC pipe & fittings C900, Pressure Class SDR21 (200PSI) & SDR26 (160PSI), Schedule 40 BE
  • Pipe Products for repairs, restraint and oversize connections



  • Ford, Mueller, & A.Y. McDonald manufacturers
  • Brass/Bronze Corporation and Curbstop Valves, Couplings, Lead Pack
  • Connection types: Flare, Compression, MIP/FIP
  • Type K Copper ¾" – 1½” (60’ & 100’ coils), 2” (40’ & 60’ coils)
  • Poly Tubing IPS (100PSI) ¾" – 2” (100’ coils), CTS (200PSI) ¾” – 2” (100’ & 300’ coils)
  • Water Meters (local & remote read) and meter couplings
  • Service Saddles in stainless steel, bronze and epoxy-coated
  • Iron B-boxes (Minneapolis pattern & Saddle type)



  • Gate Valves Non-rising stem (NRS) or outside screw and yoke (OS&Y)
  • Check Valves (swing, outside lever & weight, outside lever & spring, globe-style silent)
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Plug Valves
  • Mud Valves
  • PARTS (even those out of production / no longer manufactured)



  • Kennedy, Clow/Eddy, Mueller, Waterous-AFC, Traverse City, US Pipe, and more
  • Extensions
  • Traffic Repair Kits PARTS (Bronze Seats, Valve Rubbers, Nozzles, Stems/Couplings, Gaskets)
  • Yard Hydrants & Flushing hydrants too!



  • PVC pipe and fittings SDR35 (Solid & Perforated), SDR26, Sch40, A2000 (Solid & Slotted)
  • Corrugated Metal Pipe
  • Corrugated Single-Wall Pipe (Solid, Perforated or Perforated with Sock)
  • Corrugated Dual-Wall Pipe (Solid or Slotted)
  • Rubber & Non-shear Couplings (Mission, Fernco, etc) Sump Pumps and accessories (Zoeller mfr)


  • Frames, covers, grates, curb inlets, iron riser rings
  • Concrete riser rings
  • Concrete structures



  • Rentals, Sales, and Repairs/Sharpening
  • Drill & Tap and Drill Machines for water services
  • Power Drives
  • Power Sewer Tapper
  • Drill Bits / Drill & Tap Bits
  • Wrenches
  • Valve Keys / B-box Keys Pipe Snappers